Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ideas for FUN Summer Learning

Summer is fast approaching (Yikes! Only a couple more days of school!) and it is a widely known fact that children's academic skills can recede if not attended to over the summer. Luckily, there are many fun and educational things families can do over the summer to keep kids thinking and learning. Here are a few suggestions for our Soon-to-Be Second Graders:
  • Visit your local library. Many offer fun summer reading programs. Read a certain number of books and get special certificates and treats to celebrate your accomplishments. 
  • Talk your parents into taking you to the Red Balloon, Wild Rumpus, or Barnes and Noble bookstore. You don’t have to buy anything to enjoy the stores! 
  • Turn a favorite book into a play or ‘Readers Theater’. Write a script and invite friends over to be a part of the play. When all the parents come to pick up the children, have them stay for a performance. 
  • Keep a journal or diary of any special trips (real or imaginary). Notebooks work well or you can get a fancy journal at your local bookstore.
  • Write letters to Ms. Bennett and she will write you back! Her address is: 317 Groveland Ave. Unit 411, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (THIS IS MY FAVORITE!) 
  • Buy fun postcards. Write to classmates and other teachers from Breck. Look for the addresses in the Breck directory. 
  • Go on a reading treasure hunt. Make a list of all the interesting words you found. Or make a treasure hunt for family members to follow. Writing and reading clues are a fun way to practice reading. Hide a special treat at the end of the hunt like a fun new book or a snack to eat. 
  • Publish your own story. All you need is an idea, some paper, pens, and art supplies. 
  • Listen to books on Tumble Books. Breck has a free subscription (Username: Breck Password: Mustangs)
  • Play math and reading games on the computer! IXL continues to be available to you all summer! You could also download some learning apps for an iPad, iPod, or iPhone. 
  • Play cards and dice games to practice math facts (second graders need to automatically know addition and subtraction to 20!!). Here are some ideas to get you started: https://www.education.com/slideshow/card-games-first-grade-math/
  • Make your own game. Use tag board for the main playing area. Make cards that tell the players where to move next. Write the directions. Borrow dice from an old game and invite some friends over to play. 
  • Write poetry or make up your own songs. 
  • Try a new recipe. There are some great kids cookbooks. Read the recipe. Make a list of yummy ingredients you’ll need. Shop with an adult. Read the recipe mix and bake... YUMMY. 
  • Make your own recipe. (Be thinking of measurement and fractions!) 
  • Try some science experiments! You can find a simple science book at the library or local bookstore. Many ingredients for science experiments can be found in your kitchen, too. Make sure you have a grown-up help you with your experiments.
  • Have your parents or siblings play board games with you. There are a variety of great games for thinking and strategy: Othello, Yatzee, Memory, checkers, chess...
  • Choose one of these activities or make up your own. Of course, one of the most important ones that can be done each and every day...READ!

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