Friday, December 2, 2016

Math in Focus Update

This month, we are focusing on addition and subtraction facts to 20. The children are continuing to learn about grouping numbers and strategies for adding and subtracting. Your child will need to become fluent with facts that equal ten (ie. 2+8, 4+6, 3+7...) as well as doubles facts (1+1, 2+2, 3+3...). You may want to fid some fun ways to practice these math facts at home. We will continue to send fun math games for homework that promote practice with addition and subtraction facts, as well.

Ideas for more games:

Play "Concentration" again with playing cards. Players flip 2 cards and try to collect the cards that add to 10. 

Play "Number Search." Draw the numbers from 0-10 on a paper over and over and over again. Make sure to write them mixed up all over the paper (like a word search). Once the paper is filled with numbers, try to find and circle numbers to group the ones that add 10. To make it more challenging, circle more than 2 numbers that would make 10 (ie. 3+2+5).

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