Thursday, November 10, 2016

Publishing and Celebrating our First Books

During the first writing unit of first grade, our authors have done brave work while writing small moment stories. They learned to bring their stories to life with sequence, details, emotion, dialogue (speech bubbles), and action. They have also grown more aware of spelling, spacing, and punctuation. The authors selected a favorite small moment story for publishing and worked for several days to fix up and fancy up their books. We even got some help from some experienced 2nd grade mentor authors!

Last Friday, we celebrated our accomplishments in our author's celebration. We dedicated an area of our library to be the "authors shelf," shared our newly published books with each other, and collected autographs. Your child was excited to share this book with you and we hope you have had time to listen to their story, admire their work, and encourage their strengths as a writer. Please remember to return these books to school by Friday.

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