Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Note about Math

Dear Families-

From time to time, I will post updates from our Singapore math curriculum, Math in Focus, to keep you informed about the work your first grade mathematician is doing in the classroom and ways you can further practice the skills at home. Currently, we are working on a subtraction unit. During this unit we want to make sure that students get a strong foundation on the CONCEPTUAL side of subtraction. Later we will work on fact fluency. For now, you'll want to focus practice on examples and play with the concept of subtraction. See below for ideas:

More ways to practice and play with subtraction:

  • Talk about examples of subtraction that you see in your home life. (ie. At the dinner: "I have 8 beans on my plate. I eat one. Now I have 7. 8 minus one is 7).
  • Make up subtraction stories.
  • Play "What's hiding?" by gathering a small collection of objects (coins, beads, noodles...). Show a total (whole) then take some away and hide them behind your back or under a bowl or paper. Ask you first grader, "what's hiding?" Repeat with totals 10 or fewer. 
  • Play with playing cards or dice: Roll/reveal numbers. Subtract to find the difference. 
  • Play Ballon Pop Subtraction:

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