Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Few Notes

Hello Room 26 Families,

Thanks for a great few weeks of school! As we continue to get into routines, here are a few things you'll want to be aware of:

Folders/Peek at the Week

Please help your first grader remember to share his/her folder with you each evening. Start to get in a routine of checking the folder, reviewing the contents, initialing the Peek at the Week, and emptying any old papers to keep at home. Return the Peek at the Week each day. After Friday, your child can keep or recycle the Peek at the Week. There will be a NEW Peek at the Week each Monday! :)


Friday will be a Blue and Gold Spirit Day at Breck. This will be our FIRST NON-UNIFORM day for students. For those who ordered homecoming shirts, they will be in your child's backpack today (9/13). They are welcome to wear any blue and gold clothing items on Friday as well as comfortable shoes (they do not have to be uniform shoes). In Lower School, children are asked to refrain from face paint and colored hair sprays. First graders will attend the afternoon pep-rally and coronation on Friday. Families are invited to attend Blessing of the Animals and Homecoming on Saturday.

Student Council

First graders are invited to participate in the student council elections. A yellow permission slip was sent home yesterday. One representative for each class will be selected next week through an anonymous election process in the classroom. The teachers interview each child and share the candidates ideas anonymously to the students. Children vote for the IDEAS they think would serve the class best. Only after the election is the winning candidate revealed. We find that this helps first graders to better handle the process of winning and losing. If your child is interested in participating in the student council election, you may also want to have some discussions with your child at home about student council (what is it? why would you want to be a class rep, how could you help?), about election process (ie. majority wins), and about handling the winning and losing process.

Picture Day

Please remember that our picture day is next week on Tuesday, Sept. 20th. Children should wear their uniform for pictures.

Minnehaha Falls

More information will be coming soon about our field trip to Minnehaha Falls on Friday, September 23. Parent volunteers will also be contacted with details shortly.

Ms. Bennett+Ms. Madden

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